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Guess who’d went grocery shopping and to the gym all before 1pm today? That’d be me.

Tip o’ the Day: Go to the grocery store after spending an hour at gym sweating and panting. I guarantee you just cruise right down the cookie/chip aisle. I couldn’t figure out why my grocery cart was so empty when I got to the register, but then I realized it’s because I didn’t have bags of crap filling it up.

My gym is in the community center of the suburb I now live in. Well, today, the Minnesota Valley Mothers of Multiples was having it’s Used Clothing & Equipment Sale. I had to park a mile away from my gym, and then fight through moms trying to find bargains all over the place. I think I even got bruised up a little by a rogue excersaucer. It was dangerous territory. That mammoth sale might have had something to do with the fact that there were only 6 people in the entire gym. I’m not complaining. I like my gym empty.


33 minutes on the treadmill – 1.78 miles


Bent Over Rows:
65lbs – 8x, 8x, 8x

Hip Adductor:
70lbs – 10x; 80lbs – 10x, 10x; 90lbs – 10x, 10x

Hip Abductor:
70lbs – 10x, 10x; 80lbs – 10x, 10x

I was supposed to do some running around the laps on the track. However, the track is located above the gymnasium area, where the giant sale was happening. And, while you may think I’m kidding, there were people standing all around the track strategizing on how to shop the giant garage sale down below. So, I did weights instead of running. I don’t think it’s the same, but it’ll do.

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