two in a row

I went to the gym again tonight. I was so high on endorphins last night that I wanted to do it again. So I did.

11 min on the treadmill – .63 miles/3.44 mph (beginning of workout)
25 min on the recumbent bike – 7.43 miles/17.62 mph (end of workout)
Sagital/Lateral Raises
8lbs – 10x, 10lbs – 8x, 12lbs – 6x

Bent over rows
55lbs – 10x, 65lbs – 6x, 6x, 6x
Hip Abductor
40lbs – 10x, 10x; 50lbs – 10x, 10x

The time on the treadmill was spent in bursts of running. Yeah, me running. It felt good, though, and apparently my buddy that’s helping me train wants me to get to a 9 minute mile. I laughed. I haven’t ran a 9 minute mile since 8th grade. Goals are good, though, right?

My left calf started to cramp up during my cooldown on the bike. I probably should have picked up some potassium of some sort on the way home to help out with the potential charley horse I’ll wind up with tonight, but I didn’t. I’ll just power through it like I do my workouts. Grr!

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