i voted 21 times. seriously.

Ten left on American Idol, which means these are the ten that will tour once the show’s over. I’ve never actually been to one of the American Idol group concerts… so no chance of me hooking up with Kevin Covais when the tour stops in Minneapolis. I guess I can settle for Chris or Ace or, well, anyone else of legal age.

Sometimes I wonder who they pay to pick their themes. Songs of the 21st Century! Oooh, how original. Next week, it’s going to be songs that have three word titles, with guest judges Davy Jones and Mickey Dolenz!

For the first time in my years of American Idol watching, I voted. I decided to do it with much gusto, so I voted 21 times.

Lisa – “Because of You” is a big song for someone to sing especially when Kelly Clarkson is not only a huge star, but also a, well, American Idol. I thought her performance was powerful, but not as powerful as it should have been for that song. She’s got chops and she can sing, but not better than Kelly Clarkson.

Randy thought it was just an okay version of the song, Paula suggested she try making it her own next time, and Simon thought parts were painful. Sometimes I wonder why they even have judges, because they’re never all that helpful.

Kellie – I really don’t like her, and choosing a song called “Suds in the Bucket” does not help matters much. I’m pretty sure there was a word in the song that my grandma says. What word? Growed. My grandma just turned 80, so he can say that. Kellie Pickler – not so much. I thought the song was quite stupid and her performance was, to steal a phrase from Simon, too much like a Karaoke performance.

All three judges thought the song choice was less than desirable. I love it when they make her feel like she has to apologize.

Ace – “Drops of Jupiter” is one of my favorite songs ever.  I really had hopes for Ace on this one, but then he opened his mouth and my hopes and dreams of him actually having a great performance were dashed forever. I don’t like when he only uses half of his mouth to sing, and I really don’t like when he pulls his shirt over to show off his chest, whether it’s a real scar or not. It’s just lame. I hope he doesn’t think he’s going to get more votes by showing skin. I need more skin than that to vote for him.

Randy offered up my favorite quote of the night with “I did not like this, dude”. Paula was busy whorin’ it up and trying to find out about the scar on Ace’s chest. Simon threw out the Karaoke line.

Taylor – In attempt to find something that suits his style a little better, he goes with “Trouble”, which is a song I’d never heard of. This wasn’t one of my favorite performances of his. When he’s just standing still, not moving around, they focus too much on his face, which always looks so angry and/or constipated when he’s singing. I was bored enough during his performance that got up and made my lunch for tomorrow. And I’m a Taylor fan!

Randy didn’t like the song choice, because it didn’t give him the chance to do what he does. Paula liked his vulnerability by just standing and singing instead of doing his almost-patented Taylor moves across the stage. Simon thinks it was a good vocal, but it was too much like Clay Aiken. Again, why we have judges on this show escapes me.

Mandisa – “Wanna Praise You” is not a song I’ve heard before, but if Mandisa sings it, it’s gonna be awesome. And it was. I just don’t know if the gospel side of it will appeal to many fans. So, I voted for her. Six times. Just to be sure she’ll be there next week.

The judges were sketchy on this one. Randy and Simon don’t get the song choice, and Paula only mentions she’d like to see more vulnerability next week.

Chris – Of course, right away, Ryan makes sure to mention that Chris covered the version of “Walk the Line” that Live did, since seemingly enough, credit wasn’t given to Live last week. Then, we learn Chris is going to sing “What If”, which really isn’t the Creed song I would have picked for him to sing. I’ll say the same thing I said last week. He’s awesome, but if he doesn’t vary the song style a little bit, he’s not going to prove himself as a star. He’ll just appear as a one-dimensional artist who can’t hack it on his own. I know he can, because he’s my favorite, but I can’t vote for him 40 million times.

Randy’s not overly impressed by the performance. Paula is in idiot, but manages to say she’s Chris’ biggest fan. Despite applauding Chris last week for being the first contest to refuse to compromise, Simon says he’ll have to do some changing now. He may have crossed a line tonight by doing the same style once again, so he’ll need to show that he can do something else next week.

Katharine – She picks a Christina Aguilara song, “The Voice Within”. I thought she started off kind of pitchy, but I’m not the world’s best vocal judge. I am the world’s best clothing judge, though, and I was nearly convinced she was headed off to a horse riding expedition after her performance.

Randy thought it was good, but nothing new. Paula thought it was her best performance, as did Simon, who also said it was almost as good as Christina’s version.

Bucky – I do not like Bucky, and I really love Tim McGraw. Do you see where I’m struggling already? He sings “Real Good Man” and while it’s not terrible, it makes me question why he’s still in the competition.  And, quite honestly, when Seacrest announced he was next, I completely forgot he was still on the show.

Randy thought it was one of Bucky’s better performances. Paula thought he could use some work on his diction. And Simon thought it was okay, but unimpressive.

Paris – “Work It Out” by a 17-year-old just doesn’t have the same meaning as the Beyonce version. Her hair extensions weren’t really doing it for me, and I really could have done without the ass bumping. She’s got awesome vocals and can sing anything, so I wish she would have picked something that shows off her voice.

Randy thought it was fearless and that it was the bomb. Paula said it was awesome; Simon thought it was precocious.

Elliott – When Bo Bice sang “I Don’t Want to Be” last year, I started loving the song. They play Gavin DeGraw’s version on the radio from time to time, but I don’t like it as well. I was hesitant about Elliott throwing in some soul. I was proud of little Elliott when I started getting goosebumps when he sang. Totally his style, and he was obviously in his element – a little hip hop bad ass. He’s adorable. So adorable that I voted a couple 15 times. Seriously.

Randy thought he was a hot one tonight. Paula called him one funky white boy. Simon thought it was a good vocal, but a bad arrangement.

Best of the night: Elliott and Mandisa. In fact, those were the only two that I thought were awesome enough for my vote(s).

Bottom three for me: Lisa, Bucky, and Ace. I think Lisa will probably go home.

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  1. I thought everyone sucked this week. Everyone. Mandisa sounded great, but definitely a bad song choice.

    That awful song Kellie did? It’s by Sarah Evans, who’s from New Franklin, MO, just outside of Boonville. Ain’t you proud to have growed up so near her?

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