what i really did on saturday

Saturday morning, I got up and went to Amelia’s swimming lessons, which is a normal weekend activity for me. She turned four in January and it’s fun to watch her. This week, they were supposed to jump into the four feet deep side of the pool without holding on to the teacher’s hand. Amelia’s a dealmaker, and managed to talk the teacher in to letting her hang on to her pinkie finger when she jumped in. Adorable, indeed. Then, because I hadn’t seen her in about a week, I got a huge wet hug after the lesson was over.

I taught her to say “I love you” a few months ago in sign language. Tell me your heart wouldn’t melt if you saw a little blonde haired, blue eyed cutie telling you that from all the way across the YMCA swimming pool.

I had to quickly stop over at the ghetto Wal-Mart, which is actually right across the street from an apartment I wasthisclose to renting, to pick up a toilet brush, some business sized envelopes, and hand soap.

Jenni and I had plans to go to The 3 Day Kick Off Expo, so we headed into Minneapolis for that. Like a chump, I forgot my badge and I was so damn angry about that. I got a cool pin that said “I’m walking 60 in ’06”, though, and that just about made up for it. We walked past the tents (where Jenni asked me to sleep with her), the New Balance people (who I love so much because their shoes make my feet happy), and a thing I don’t think they had last year – they let you write a note to yourself about why you’re doing the walk, then they seal it into an envelope, and you get it back during The 3 Day. Like I need another reason to cry during it.

We got some awesome new ideas for fundraising, and our team goal of $25,000 is looking easier and easier every day. I’m about $825 from my goal, as soon as a few donations go through. I don’t know what it is about The 3 Day, but it has this insane ability to get me so very excited about begging for money and walking until my feet fall off.

Since we were in total 3 Day mode, we decided to go check out the bowling alley in St. Paul that we’re using on April 22nd (save the date!). We took some pictures, made some preliminary setup plans, and managed to get even more excited.

Riley had an appointment at 5pm to get groomed, which he desperately needed. An hour and a half and $42 later, I picked him up to find him wearing an oranage bandana. He prefers red, but whatever. The good news is that he was able to bond with his new gay stylist named Russell. I’m glad that he was able to find a stylist he connects with so well. In any case, I’ll be using Russell in the future, because he did such an awesome job. Is it wrong that my dog has a stylist in Minnesota, and I still keep mine in Missouri?

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