of course there was a sunday

And how about Sunday, you say? Saturay’s recap was getting way too long, and I knew you wouldn’t read all of it if I kept typing. I’m smart like that.

Riley Pants let me sleep in until 9. Score.

I went to the big city of Minneapolis for a cute little 4.5 mile training walk with Jenni and Stephanie. As a side note, just because there are other people walking on the lake, this does not mean I should do it. Especially when I can fill the ice move under my feet, and feel sky tumblin’ down, tumblin’ down.

I don’t know that doing the walk with Jenni is a good idea or not. If Sunday afternoon was any indication, we will be laughing more than we will be walking and I don’t know that thousands of other walkers will find our humor all that funny.

Infections. We were walking along/around Lake Calhoun (along with 1/3 of the Twin Cities) chatting and laughing and being completely inappropriate, when we meet a few older men – older than my dad, I would guess. One says to the other “like the infection you had last year?”. We waited approximately 2.9 seconds after they walked by before we began snorting and laughing. And then we wanted to shower, because we weren’t exactly sure what infection he may have had, nor were we sure if the infection had cleared up.

Dogs. I love dogs. Now I do, anyway. I only love big dogs, though, and by big dogs, I mean ones that I can’t smash if I accidentally step on. Everyone has their preference, though, and I’m okay with that. What I’m not okay with is when people need to bring their tiny little dogs that could easily be eaten by a duck to the lake, and then proceed to walk around the lake with the dog in their purse and/or BABY BJORN THINGY. Wny? Do the dogs like it? Wouldn’t they rather be walking? Maybe they can’t make it around the lake, so maybe you could choose a different walking path with your little dog.

Plus, my big dog, once he masters the fine art of the leash, might try to box the crap out of your little dog, because that’s what boxers do – THEY BOX.

I’m not sure I needed more reasons to love living here, but my How to Drive a Steam Locomotive class and the chain of lakes are two of my favorite things right now.


  1. Stephanie L.

    Hey!! I have to put in my two cents defending small dogs! :)

    I have a Yorkie who is 6 lbs., but we do NOT baby her like some toy dogs. She is treated just like a normal sized dog. Case in point: this past summer, we went up to the Superior Hiking Trail along the North Shore, and Pixie walked 40 miles with us over the course of a week. Also, she has walked around Lake Calhoun plenty of times — she tires us out, and my husband and I are pretty fit! During spring, summer and fall, we take 3 mi a day walks with her, and during weekends, we can easily get in upwards of 8-10 miles total over the course of the weekend. I can’t stand people who baby their toy dogs — it gives the rest of them a bad name!

    In addition, she definitely has a Napoleon complex and regularly demands that big dogs “respect her authori-TAH!” :D A lot of big dogs try to take advantage of her by sniffing her rear end — she will have none of that, and will spook them into submission! She has lots of sass!

  2. I understand a *little* big of the babying… but really? A bag?

    Pixie sounds like a normal little dog for sure and not a pampered one that will only drink bottled water! :)

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