back to the gym

New apartment, new schedule, blogging again… things are in order for me now, with the exception of laundry. But when is that ever in order for me? But now I’m back at the gym for however remaining weeks I have my trainer. He’s moving to the East Coast soon. I’m saddened by this, but I’m gonna use him and those new adjustable dumbbells while I can!

Plus, softball season starts next month and I have a teensy little walk I should be training for, too.

18 min on the recumbent bike – 3.82 miles/12.73 mph

Bench Press:
65lbs – 10x, 80lbs – 4x, 70lbs – 8x, 75lbs – 6x, 65lbs – 8x

Curls (free weights):
15lbs – 10x, 20lbs – 8x, 12lbs – 10x

Military Press (free weights):
15lbs – 10x, 20lbs – 8x, 12lbs – 10x

Lateral Pulldowns (machine):
37.5lbs – 10x, 52.5lbs – 8x (closed grip)
37.5lbs – 10x, 52.5lbs – 8x (wide grip)

Curls (machine):
37.5lbs – 10x, 52.5lbs – 8x, 37.5lbs – 8x

I forget how much I love going to the gym until I get home. I’m extremely wound up and so full of energy I don’t know what to do. I only live 5 minutes from my gym now, so I don’t have time to burn it off like I did in the past. Instead, I come home, take my dog outside, and play with him like crazy. He wins, I win.

I’m going back tomorrow.

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