$$ for boobs

This year’s 3 Day is so exciting for me. Being part of a bigger and more local team is probably one of the highlights of it this year.

My cousin has been knitting scarves and has raised $110 for me so far, and she’s planning on knitting even more.
Our team has raised over $11,000, with just under 5 months to go before the walk. As co-captains, Jenni and I decided to up our team goal from $20,000 to $25,000. It’s for boobs! We can find another $5000 in donations somewhere, right?

We’ve baked thousands of cookies and whipped together over a thousand truffles. We’ve hawked pink breast cancer awareness wristbands for twice the cost. It’s quite obvious. People love boobs.

Yesterday, I mailed out 40 letters to area businesses asking for raffle prize donations for our April 22nd Bowling Party. We’ve already received over $400 worth of raffle prizes – concert tickets, gift certificates, gift baskets.

I realized yesterday that by the time the walk rolls around (August 18-20), I’ll have been fundraising for 10 months. And I LOVE IT.


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