how noble of alfonso

Needless to say, i’ll never be an Alfonso Soriano Superfan due to his time spent wearing pinstripes for the Yankees.

Then, the other day, I read about his little stunt of refusing to take the field because he wasn’t playing secondbase for his new team, the Washington Nationals. In high school and/or college, if you try to pull that shit, I have a feeling you’re going to be riding some pine.

But if you’re Alfonso Soriano and are gonna get paid $10 million this year, I guess it’s A-OKAY to pull a shenanigan like that.  Especially if the next day, he changes his mind and decides he’s ready to play now.

Soriano agreed to take his new spot in the outfield for an exhibition game Wednesday, two days after refusing to move from second base.

Gee, that was awful big of him.

I love sports; I just don’t love very many professional atheletes.


  1. […] With all of the jackasses in the league now that get suspended for 50 games due to not following a drug policy or joining a new team and refusing the play the position they’ve asked you to play, it takes a 94-year-old man, well past his baseball playing days, to remind everyone that true sports heros really can be respected. […]

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