11 contestants & 1 barry manilow

I had the World’s Longest American Idol Review almost completely written last night, but then, wouldn’t you know it, I lost it. You can read the shortened version in the extended entry.

Next week, I promise to save it more frequently. Or something.

Chris has pretty much been my favorite from the start. I like that he knows who he is as a singer, but I also think that if he doesn’t try stepping out of the box a little bit, fans might get tired of the same style all the time. You know, like Nickelback.

All of these little terms like McPhever and Pick Pickler? They both make me want to puke. Let’s just not. It sounds like a high school student council election or something.

Bottom three: Bucky, Lisa, and possibly Kevin. I hope Bucky goes home, but I’m afraid Lisa doesn’t have the fan base to keep her around much longer.