stat obsessed again

One of the neato things about having the blog up and running again is the way I have to comb through the stats each night with a fine tooth comb. I have to know who you people are, how you found my blog, and, you know, how much time you’re spending during the day rifling through each of my entries.

Today, it was neat to find out that some of my co-workers did some browsing of the six (now seven) current entries that are here. It was also neat to see people that work in the same suburb typing my full name into Yahoo and finding their way to my site. And, of course, it was all during work hours. So, hi, gang. Shouldn’t you be working? I know I am!

I should look into a career-change. Like a top secret internet spy who knows exactly who’s reading That’d be a lucrative decision, I’m sure.

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