wrapping up the evening

I go back to work tomorrow after not being in the office for over a week. I can’t say I’m looking forward to it for the simple reason that I always feel behind as it is, but being somewhat MIA for the past 5 business days is going to make me feel like I should take the short bus into work.

Jenny and Stephanie came over for dinner tonight. I ordered pizza. I’m classy like that. I think we must have been slobs, though, because my dog has been eating for the past 10 minutes all around the table. Good for him, I say. Lamb and rice has to get old after a while.
I’ve turned into one of those pet owners. I take my dog everywhere with me. Out to lunch, grocery shopping, a quick run to get anything, and he’s in the car with me. I’m going to take advantage of it while I can, because when summer rolls around, I won’t be able to do it as much. BECAUSE HE’D DIE. I’m a consciounsus vigilant pet owner.

I have to make a salad for a fundraising lunch we’re having at work tomorrow. I’m making Caesar salad. From a bag. Don’t tell. The Cuz gave me a good recipe that I might have to try out at a later date, but when people are paying $10/plate, I feel like I should probably give them something safe. Again with the vigilance. I’m sensing a pattern.

And, finally, for those keeping tabs on my fundraising mission for The 3 Day, I’m up to $1260. Fantastic. That’s over halfway and the walk isn’t even until August. The amazing/scary thing? Our 9 person team has a team goal of $25,000. We were feeling ambitious and upped our original goal by $5000. I think that makes us overachievers. You can help Team Boobylicious overachieve, too.

The honest-to-goodness-last-thing: If you’re local and/or enjoy driving, please keep April 22nd clear on your calendar. It’s a bowling/bingo/boobie-related fundraiser we’re having from 4pm – 11pm. More details to come, but seriously – SAVE THE DATE.

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