hello, dear internet

I kind of lied. I suggested two dolla may move, but who are we kidding? two dolla is like an internet icon, only without the icon status.

So, we’re still here, and still around. We’re just going through some major renovations and setting up some protection issues. You know, for safety. Expect some password protected awesomeness and all that good stuff that prevents those extra nosy folks from stumbling onto my site via Google. Especially as we go up in the ranking due to that stuff I bought from this SEO reseller. As well as some top-notch security measures to help me… oh, who am I kidding? There might be some passworded posts here and there, but I’m assuming I’ll be pretty free with the handing out of the password.

For now, excuse the mess, and Happy Birthday to ME. It’s good to be back.


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