So, I was going to go to the lovely Christmas parade today, but I didn’t feel like it really, I don’t think. I woke up around 9:00, and while I could have made the 10:00 a.m. parade start time, I started to think – it’s Saturday. I don’t want to make a public apperance anywhere unless I have to. ;) And I *do* have to make an appearance tonight at the State Fair Community College men’s basketball game at 7:00. Yahoo for that.

And what I’m doing right now is working on adding some pictures to my website, and watching VH1’s Pop Up addition of the Viewers Choice Awards.

Oceans 11 comes out next weekend. I’m going to see that. And Vanilla Sky comes out the weekend after that. I’m going to see that, too. And I can’t forget about the ton of movies that are playing in town I want to see. Smacky and I are probably gonna get together for a movie sometime this weekend. I think Derek is going to join us, too, so that’ll probably mean we go sometime tomorrow. Derek’s working today, and I’m working tonight. Yay for work, though.

I might hook up the ol’ scanner today. Thought it might be fun to scan some old pictures and scatter them about the site.

What’s everyone else got planned for today?

What's up?