Yet another addition of’s Friday Five!
1. What did you have for dinner last night? Um, nothing.
2. Do you ever get up for a midnight snack? Nope. Once I’m asleep, I’m asleep.
3. What’s your favorite dessert? turtle cheesecake from this place called The Avenue. Oh. Good stuff.
4. Tell us something about you that would surprise us. I’m notorious for developing crushes on people and never saying anything, because I can’t ever tell for sure if they’d think I was a crazed lunatic, or if they’d think I was awesome for telling me how I really feel.
5. How do you plan to spend your weekend? Tonight, desk work at the newspaper. Tomorrow night, basketball game for the newspaper. Sunday, possibly spending quality time with family, provided my uncle scrapes together enough balls to bring his kids down and defy the wrath of his psycho wife.
Now you do it!

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