Earlier this week, I decided to take part in a new phenomenon hitting websites everywhere called the Blogger Insider, which pairs up participants with one another. It gives them a week to ask and answer 10-15 questions, and then on the Friday at the end of said week, you post the questions your partner asked you and your answers on your site. It’s all about getting to know more about people, and what better group of people to share information about me with than YOU!
This week’s matchup introduced me to Bill, who was definitely a fun matchup! And Bill’s site is definitely one I’ll be visiting again.. and again… and again… and, well, you get the picture!

So, here are the questions, asked by Bill, and the answers, which are by me. Duh.

1. What do you want to be when you grow up?

If I could get over my fear of public speaking, I’d like to be a sports announcer/commentator. Something like Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football, or a public address announcer for a professional team. But for now, my goal is to break into the world of written sports journalism.

2. What’s your favorite breakfast?
There’s nothing like one of the skillets they throw together at Country Kitchen. Yum!

3. Your favorite dessert?
Anything with chocolate? My current fave is turtle cheesecake from a local restaurant. Cheesecake with chocolate and caramel – you can’t beat that.

4. What one person has had the greatest influence on your life?
I don’t have someone that’s been a great influence on my life. Not one that stands out above the rest

5. What has been the greatest turning point in your life to date?
When my friend Josh died when I was 16.

6. Did you design your own site?
Oh hell yeah! And every single version before it!

7. If you woke up one day to find you had inherited a fully-stocked zoo, which animal(s) would you bring into the house to live with you?
The monkeys. I don’t really like animals much, but monkeys could be fun to train.

8. Boxers or briefs?
On him? Definitely boxers. Yummy.

9. What is the best thing you’ve ever done, karmically speaking?
This is awful, but I can’t think of anything at all!

10. What is the worst thing you’ve ever done, karmically speaking?
Got my boss fired back in the day when I worked at Mazzio’s Pizza.

11. What’s your favorite game?
Board game: trivial pursuit or any type of card game, or one of those online games from World Web Wall.
Sport (it’s a game!): basketball

12. You’re waiting at a bustop: what’s the most irritating thing someone can do?
The most irritating thing someone could do would be to smell like they hadn’t showered for a week. YUCK.

13. The nicest?
Compliment me on something, absolutely anything.

14. You’re at work: what’s the most irritating thing someone can do?
Quesiton something I tell them, because if I answer a question, I know I’m right. Just listen, and nod. Don’t think I’m wrong.

15. The nicest?
I work with the nicest bunch of people you could ask for. Examples: Dena gave me an awesome bag for my camera – just gave it to me! Ann offered her Harry Potter book for me to borrow because she knew I’d be bored at the newspaper the other night. Carey gave me basketball tickets to a University of Missouri basketball game that she won off the radio today. They’re just nice people, man!

16. You get a fortune cookie. The fortune reads: “Your dearest wish will come true.” What is it?
I’ll find the one boy in this world that I was meant to be with, and we’ll live as millionaires with 3 kids, a nice small puppy, and houses wherever we damn well want them to be. He’ll be self-employed and I’ll either work for ESPN, or write for Sports Illustrated.

What's up?